Wednesday, December 28, 2005's Best TV of 2005!

Yay! Time Magazine (remember magazines?) did an overview of the best TV of 2005 and we largely agree with the list. Although, apparently they didn't read our review of Prison Break and they spoiled our lack of viewing the final episode by telling us it was a cliff hanger! Noooooooooo! We would have never have guessed that Prison Break would've ended in cliff hanger. Fie on Magazine for blowing that surprise for us.
Anyways, if we only had premium super digital HD platinum triple tier cable channels, we could watch some of those other shows we haven't heard of. MTV2? What in the hell is that? We at CriticalTV HQ are using our intrepid intern ChinChin to hold our wire-hanger/tinfoil UHF antenna so that we can get the latest installment of The Office.
Speaking of The Office: we've added it to our TiVo season pass. Welcome, Office, to the snark fest!


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