Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Lost's Plot tries to find its way to another season

I love Lost's first season. Fresh, new and reminded me of Robinson Crusoe! What could be better? Well the second season certainly isn't. I put up with the dramatic pauses in between under- and over-acted scenes last season because the plost was Now, these scenes just annoy the poop out of me. But they're not the only thing that has my hackles raised, and I don't know what hackles are!
Uh, dude? Where'd the doc go? I mean, like, uh...isn't there an underground lair somewhere that people are supposed to be punching a button on? That was certainly more interesting than whatever is going on with the "new" tribe and the "other" tribe. You know, the "new" tribe that we thought was the Others but turned out to not be bad people but actually people from the second half of the plane? But then they said that there were actually other bad people (the "Others"), and everyone should be really scared of them.
I mean, really, listen to how stupid I sound just trying to explain the absurdity of the plot. I don't have to make anything up for everyone out in TV-land to realize that this is the worst attempt at stringing out a good thing since the Cowboy's hired Parcells! My time is valuable folks. I happily gave it up every week when I was enthralled by the newness of people marooned on an island. Now, Lost feels more like a group of people who have been strung out on acid for 40 days and are actually 2.7 miles from Oahu's downtown, but they just have no idea.
My girlfriend holds onto Lost like a kid trying to take their 4th grade lunch box to freshman year highschool. She knows that giving it up is becoming inevitable.
The worst part? This segue into the backstory behind the "Others", or is it just the "other half of the plane"? My money is on the plot devolving into the plane actually split into 4.2 pieces, all of which somehow wound up on the island and each turning into their own little paranoid, skeeved-out series of romantic innuendoes. (Not even hot romance at that!)
Actually, I think the .2 part of the plane landed on a 7-11 in western Honolulu and the four survivors there will be getting a book deal telling their story of how they avoided certain death and a ridiculous jungle-themed plot.
Damn it! I don't even know what I'm talking about now! Maybe Lost is appropriately named...


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