Sunday, November 13, 2005

Desperate Housewives: Jumped the Shark???

I know it's been discussed on various message board forums, but I think it bears repeating; Desperate Housewives probably jumped the shark with the "Man in the Basement" episode. You know, the one where the guy jumps out of the cellar and attacks the new family? Really, very exciting!
Desperate Housewives should be renamed: Desperate Producers Trying to Come Up With Another Season. After all of the smartness and intrigue of the first season, we loyal viewers are being served up a heaping pile of Melrose Placeian dissolution. The obviously contrived new characters, the flailing randomness of the previous plotline and the absurd attempt to even the minutes per housewife. My girlfriend is coming unhinged trying to loyally defend the show, but even she realizes that the DH will likely be sent back down to the minors soon.
I could care less about that one housewife who is dating the pharmacist guy who killed her husband. I hope he turns her into his sex slave, forcing her into situations that make her abandon her victorian prudeabilities and strip her of any meaning in life. Turn the show into a late-90's indie-movie style epic that burns the banality of everyday life into the soul of the characters. Talk about unexpected plot twists!
Don't worry DH! You're not the only extra-season greed monger in TV-land. Wait until I get my teeth into Lost. Oh nelly, is there a train that gets derailed! But, sadly, all I want out of DH right now is a chance to subscribe to a Eva Longoria lingerie calendar. I'm even going to change my Tivo to something on PBS for Sunday night. It has to be more interesting than Teri Hatcher's perpetual state of distraughtedness.


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